Plastic is everywhere! In our daily lives, we rely on plastic more than we think. In the Plankton to Plastic Pollution STEM Kit, students learn about pollution to be part of the solution. This kit was developed by undergraduate students Andrew Allsup & Zoe Tauxe – read about them!

Big Concepts: include: 1)

Scientific Inquiry Skills include: 1) using a microscope; 2) using models to represent large scale concepts; 3) graphing; 4) scientific illustration; and 5) use of science notebooks.

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Borrowing Plankton to Plastic Pollution STEM Kits

Kona, Hawaiʻi Educators kits are coming soon.
Educators in Mexico near CSU’s Todos Santos Center should contact Kim Kita at or 612-145-0009 for information.
CSU Faculty wanting to use them with Semester at Sea should contact the Education Abroad Office.
Other Educators should contact the NSEOC through the loan applications below.

There is no charge to educators who wish to borrow any of our STEM kits. Educators who are located in the Northern Colorado area and can come to the CSU Fort Collins campus to pick up the kits should complete the Local Pick-Up Loan Application. All other educators in Colorado should complete the Delivery Loan Application Form and the NSEOC will ship the classroom set of kits to you free of charge. Return loan application forms to Courtney Butler via email ( or fax (970-491-7716).

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Plastic Kit on the Beach