Profile picture of Andrew Warnock

Andrew Warnock, Ph.D. — Director

Dr. Warnock designs materials for educational experiences in the natural sciences. | (970) 491-2845 | NESB B301a/B305

Profile picture of Courtney Butler

Courtney Butler — Assistant Director

Ms. Butler’s interests revolve around encouraging more students to enter into local, regional, state, and international science fairs. She advises prospective math and science teachers who are enrolled in the Bachelor’s of Science in Natural Sciences program. She also serves at the Director for the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair. | (970) 491-7716 | NESB B311

Profile picture of Lynne Judish

Lynne Judish — Laboratory Coordinator

Ms. Judish manages all of the educational materials and resources that the center houses. She also coordinates the Triunfo Mentoring Program. | (970) 491-1539 | NESB B319

Profile picture of Michael Viney

Michael Viney — Teacher-in-Residence

Mr. Viney joins our team after 30 years of teaching middle school science. He is helping to design and test our STEM kits. | (970) 491-0907 | NESB B315

Science Education Assistants

  • Andrew Allsup
  • Sam Harsh
  • Corey Schwartz
  • Sheridan Sumouske
  • Haley Wartell


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