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Discovery Begins Here

Science fairs are on the rise. Colorado has an extensive network of local and regional fairs that feed into a state-level fair hosted here at CSU and directed by Courtney Butler. The Colorado Science and Engineering Fair feeds into the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Science Fair is the ideal science and math education activity. Students work individually or within small groups and develop a research question, design an experiment, collect and interpret data, and then communicate their conclusions both verbally and in writing in addition to using multiple visual and tactile props.

Students interact with teachers, mentors, family members, and judges. Awards and scholarships are available for top students which help ensure continued participation in STEM fields.

CNS EOC is interested in increasing participation in Science Fair. One way to do that is to encourage schools to integrate research projects into the curriculum rather than just supporting the self-motivated students after school.

Curriculum integration would help level the playing field for students with diverse or rural backgrounds. Wide adoption, however, requires an easy and low-cost way to let busy teachers oversee dozens of student projects. CNS EOC is currently developing such support materials based on the work pioneered by Dr. Stephen Thompson on Small-Scale Science.

Opportunities for CSU Faculty and Grad Students:

Oppotunities for CSU Undergraduates:

Opportunities for Science Fair Participants and Teachers:

For more information, contact Courtney Butler

Colorado Science and Engineering Fair


Primary funding from the College of Natural Sciences.

Additional funding from
the Bohemian Foundation, the National Science Foundation, the National Park Service,
the Colorado State
Science Fair, Inc., as well as private donors.

B307 Natural & Environmental Sciences
1231 East Drive
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1802

p: (970) 491-1700
f: (970) 491-2005

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