Using raw materials such as gears, propellers, motors, solar cells, wood, and math, in the Solar Cars STEM Kit, students learn about engineering design principals and iterative prototyping as they design the most efficient car possible.

Big Concepts include: 1) engineering design principles; 2) solar energy; and 3) gear and pulley ratios.

Scientific Inquiry Skills include:  1) iterative testing; 2) maker style creativity; and 3) use of science notebooks.

Solar Cars STEM Kit Tutorials

  • How to Make the Car Go Straight (video coming soon)
  • Solar Cars STEM Kit Use Instructions (complete teacher guide)
  • Solar Cars STEM Kit Clean-Up & Repacking Instructions
  • Solar Cars STEM Kit Material List
  • Solar Cars YouTube Tutorial

Solar Cars STEM Kit Resources

  • Engineering Design Graphic
  • Science Notebook Template (for use in lieu of Science Notebooks)
  • Science Notebook Template (Spanish version)
  • Solar Cars STEM Kit Instruction Booklet (available upon request – email name and school to Dr. Andrew Warnock)

Other Useful Resources

Borrowing Solar Cars STEM Kits

There is no charge to educators who wish to borrow any of our STEM kits. Send the appropriate application form via email to Laura Schoenfeld ( or fax (970-491-2005). We appreciate applications to be sent 2 weeks in advance to the desired use date.

An Inclinometer on wheels!