Explore how carbon moves through the environment by analyzing three soil samples from different areas of the 2012 High Park Fire. In the Soil Carbon STEM Kit, students will develop real lab skills to determine which of the samples was intensely burned, moderately burned, or unburned.

Big Concepts include: 1) carbon cycle.

Scientific Inquiry Skills include:  1) use of microscope and digital balance; 2) soil sample preparation; 3) visual estimation; 4) data collection and 5) use of science notebooks.

Soil Carbon STEM Kit Tutorials

  • Soil Carbon STEM Kit Use Instructions (complete teacher guide)
  • Soil Carbon STEM Kit Clean-Up & Repacking Instructions
  • Soil Carbon STEM Kit Material List
  • Soil Carbon YouTube Tutorial

Soil Carbon STEM Kit Resources

  • Video Introduction
  • Science Notebook Template (for use in lieu of Science Notebooks)
  • Science Notebook Template (Spanish version)
  • Soil Carbon STEM Kit Instruction Booklet
    (available upon request – email name and school to Dr. Andrew Warnock)

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Borrowing Get Energized! STEM Kits

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