Marmots, ground squirrels, and bears are fascinating animals who hold answers to many health problems that humans face, such as obesity and bone loss. In the Secrets of the Hibernators STEM Kit, students will collect and analyze data using hands-on experiments to learn about how metabolism is moderated seasonally in hibernating animals and what challenges climate change will bring.

Big Concepts include: 1) nature of science; 2) metabolism; 3) hibernation; 4) bone structure; and 5) climate.

Scientific Inquiry Skills include:  1) graphing and analyzing data; 2) modeling hibernator metabolism vs. temperature; 3) analyzing bone structures using a microscope; and 4)  use of science notebooks.

Secrets of the Hibernators STEM Kit Tutorials

  • Yeast Solution Consistency (video coming soon)
  • Using the Viney Apparatus (video coming soon)
  • Secrets of the Hibernators STEM Kit Use Instructions (complete teacher guide)
  • Secrets of the Hibernators STEM Kit Clean-Up & Repacking Instructions
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