Learn how paleontologists uncover past events that led to the fossilization of a community of sea creatures millions of years ago. In the Really Ancient Fossils STEM Kit, students will excavate a model rock formation, make a map, record their observations in a science notebook, and compare their observations to reference materials.

Big Concepts include: 1) law of superposition; 2) law of cross-cutting; 3) geologic time; 4) index fossils; 5) relative age dating; and 6) paleoenvironmental reconstruction.

Scientific Inquiry Skills include: 1) fossil excavation; 2) map making; 3) scientific illustration; and 4) use of science notebooks.

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Borrowing Really Ancient Fossils STEM Kits

There is no charge to educators who wish to borrow any of our STEM kits, however, this kit is only available for Local Pick-Up Loaning due to the extreme weight of the sand used in the kits, making it impractical to ship. Send the appropriate application form via email to Laura Schoenfeld (laura.schoenfeld@colostate.edu) or fax (970-491-2005). We appreciate applications to be sent 2 weeks in advance to the desired use date.

In the bones of the rock
The fossils are living,
Crinoid and ammonite;
In the red of the rock
(Sandstone and hematite)
The fossils are moving,
Coiling, crawling,
Aching for the sea.

         – Norman Nicholson