Learn the science behind the technology in your electronic devices! In the High Tech Rocks! STEM Kit, students become solid-state chemists as they manipulate natural materials (like minerals) to produce useful physical properties (like magnets).

Big Concepts include: 1) physical properties; 2) crystal structure; 3) electrochemistry; 4) magnetism; and 5) phase diagrams.

Scientific Inquiry Skills include: 1) use of chemicals; 2) characterization of physical properties; and 3) use of science notebooks.

High Tech Rocks! STEM Kit Tutorials

  • Using the Atomic Layer Model video (coming soon)
  • Making the Headphone Work video (coming soon)
  • High Tech Rocks! STEM Kit Use Instructions (complete teacher guide)
  • High Tech Rocks! STEM Kit Clean-Up & Repacking Instructions
  • High Tech Rocks! STEM Kit Material List

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Borrowing High Tech Rocks! STEM Kits

There is no charge to educators who wish to borrow any of our STEM kits. Send the appropriate application form via email to Laura Schoenfeld (laura.schoenfeld@colostate.edu) or fax (970-491-2005). We appreciate applications to be sent 2 weeks in advance to the desired use date.