Bees are one of the most important pollinators of our food crops. In the Bees Please! STEM Kit, students will build a flower model to gain a better understanding of pollination. Students will study their bees (each kit has a different species) and then exchange data and information with others in the class to explore bee biodiversity and behavior. Data in this kit comes from an on-going citizen science project that started as a CSU research project.

Big Concepts include:

Scientific Inquiry Skills include:

Bees Please! STEM Kit Tutorials

  • Bees Please! STEM Kit Use Instructions (complete teacher guide – coming soon)
  • Bees Please! STEM Kit Clean-Up & Repacking Instructions (coming soon)
  • Bees Please! STEM Kit Material List (coming soon)

Bees Please! STEM Kit Resources

  • Science Notebook Template (for use in lieu of Science Notebooks)
  • Science Notebook Template (Spanish version)
  • Science Notebook Evaluation Rubric (coming soon)
  • Bees Please! STEM Kit Instruction Booklet
    (available upon request – email name and school to Dr. Andrew Warnock)

CSU Resources

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Borrowing Bees Please! STEM Kits

There is no charge to educators who wish to borrow any of our STEM kits. Send the appropriate application form via email to Laura Schoenfeld ( or fax (970-491-2005). We appreciate applications to be sent 2 weeks in advance to the desired use date.