NPS Vital Ice Kit Resetting Checklist

  1. Unpack the kits and open them one by one.
  2. If the jars of sand and “instant snow” are less than half full, top them off.
  3. Check the flashlights to make sure they are still very bright. If dim, recharge the batteries in the provided charger.
  4. Make sure all of the multimeters are powered off and the alligator clips are still firmly attached to the red and black wires.
  5. Make sure everything is clean and dry and that all items are present. The list of materials is on the back cover of the instruction booklet.
  6. Put two new graph templates in each kit. Click here to download the file to print and cut.
  7. Restock square sticky notes if low.
  8. Put the laminated answer keys in order from 1 to 15.
  9. Pack each kit according to these packing instructions.
  10. Pack the blue kits in the yellow cases according to these instructions.

Please contact Lynne Judish to request more supplies: (970) 491-1539