Calculus Concepts Workshop
June 9-11, 2008

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Monday, June 9

Morning Session Algebra Review

FUNction Icebreaker

FUNction Table

Formative Assessment

Concept Mapping

Calculus Splash

Boardwork Models


One-Minute Papers

Using Writing in Mathematics

Algebra Review

Minilab13-Linear Relationships

Minilab23- Increasing and Decreasing Functions

Minilab24-End Behavior

Minilab27-Factor Theorem

Minilab28-Zeros of Polynomials

Calculus Visual Forester

Afternoon Session Limits
Focus on limits –

Limit Problems from Jigsaw Activity

Focus on Limits Worksheets

Exploring Continuity

Tuesday, June 10
Morning Session Derivatives

Versatiles Limit Activity

Versatiles Activity - Where are you headed?

Analyzing Graphs

Concepts Worksheet 1 - Graphical Analysis

Concepts Worksheet 2 - Graphical Transformations

What is a derivative?
Exploration 1 - Instantaneous
Follow that car / Average value of a function

Guest Speaker: Dr. Daniel Rudolf
Sterling’s Formula and the Law of Large Numbers
The simplest case of the law of large numbers says that as one flips a coin repeatedly one expects to see heads about half the time. It was first proven by Jacob Bernoulli in the 18th century. We now regard it as somehow obvious but how would one prove it?
Sterling’s formula is a very accurate approximation to n! that is derived using integration. Once one can approximate n! it is a simple step to approximating binomial coefficients and with them we will see how to prove the law of large numbers.

What is a derivative? Continued…

Derivatives - Back and Forth

Derivatives - The Magnificent Six

Connecting Functions to 1st and 2nd Derivatives

The Derivative Function

Go Derivate!

Go Fish for Dervatives

Go Fish Cards

Chain Rule

Unbroken Chain

Implicit Differentiation

Homework: Reading: Writing in Mathematics
Online Post

Wednesday, June 11
Morning Session
Graphing Explorations with Derivatives

Concepts Worksheet 6 - Exploring Extrema for an "Unusual Function"

Concepts Worksheet 7 - Graph Sketching Using Derivatives

Key for Worksheets 6 and 7

Worksheet 6 and 7 Answer Key

Concepts Maps for Extrema and Curve Sketching

Graphing with the Derivative

Sorting Them Out

Putting it All Together

Exploring Integration

Integrals to Explore

The Area Function

Loki's Dilemma

Versatiles: Definitely An Integral

Afternoon Session Calculus with TI Nspire
Calculus with TI Nspire – Wade Ellis

TI-Nspire Workshop Handout

TI-Nspire Activities Getting Started

CSU TI-Nspire Activities

More TI-Nspire Activities




Project for Credit