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Phunky Phenology



Phunky Phenology is off to a great start! We have posted our first map. Please don't over interpret the data at this point. Many of us got our plants in the ground a bit late in the season, so we need to wait for them to get established. The map is useful for showing us where all of the plants are.

Mrs.Richmond's phunky class at Cache La Poudre Middle School.


The mission of the Phunky Phenology program is to engage K-12 students and the general public in the collection of seasonal data that are highly intuitive to graph and interpret, giving learners real experience with climate-related data. Observing when flowers bloom in the spring and when leaves change color in the fall provides the ideal launching pad for creative explorations in the field of climate change.

Learners begin the project by planting a Three Leaf Sumac shrub and drawing an accurate map of their field site. They use a GPS unit to determine the plant’s location and begin observing and measuring various parameters on a daily basis. They graph their own data and begin to compare it to other Three Leaf Sumacs in northern Colorado.

Phenological observations are ideally suited to the academic school year and correlate extremely well with state and national STEM education standards. The best part is that it is phun!

Downloadable Blank Observation Templates:

Observation Sharing:



For more information, contact: Andrew Warnock

Primary funding from the College of Natural Sciences.

Additional funding from
the Bohemian Foundation, the National Science Foundation, the National Park Service,
the Colorado State
Science Fair, Inc., as well as private donors.

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1231 East Drive
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1802

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